Saturday, November 12, 2011

My answers to some questions I've received :)

I haven't been writing recently, and I'm sorry because of that.... But I'm here to fix it :)
I've checked my e-mail (which is btw), which I haven't done for months, and I saw so many messages with girls/guys asking me for advice...
I know it's late to answer, but 'better late than never'! Enjoy!

Hey, I saw your blog, and it's pretty amazing... You look like a smart girl so I need your advice.
Well, my name is Maria and I'm 15 years old. This September I started going to highschool and I still can't accept new friends (especially girls). Guys are okay, we hang out after school, play basketball, or go to skate park where we chill... There is always someone to tell me that I'm wrong for being with guys, and I don't know the reason for that. I want to make friends with girls, but they always talk about boys and boyfriends, and my (let's call it) problem is that I actually TALK to boys!
Is this wrong?

I think that you already know the answer ;) If you have more fun with boys than with girls, than you already made your choice ;) And i, personally, think that guy friends are better than girlfriends :)
Something that can (and other girls can't) is talking without fear in boy presence ;) Trust me, soon you'll be thankful for making this choice ;) xoxo

I need your opinion... I kissed one guy, I was half drunk, and I didn't know what I was doing. Now he wants to be with me. What should I do? :(

I think that you don't wanna be with him in relationship, so don't! Why do I think that? Well, you wouldn't send me e-mail if it's different ;) Just trust yourself. Talk to him, be nice, and he will understand that you made a mistake. Ask him if he wants to be friends, if he doesn't leave it that way, if he says 'yes' than don't ignore him. You might actually surprise if he's a nice guy ;) xoxo

I've been five months in relationship with one girl. But her complexes are really annoying. Why can't she understand that she looks beautiful and that she IS beautiful to me? I wouldn't be with her if I don't like her. 

Trust me, every single girl on this planet has complex issue ;) Some of them just can't hide that they are insecure ;) Try to talk with her. Tell her what you said to me, and I think she'll finally understand ;) Don't be afraid to tell her how important she is to you :) xoxo

Hey hey :) First of all: great blog! And I think you should post more frequently :)
I need your advice... I have an eating disorder... I'm 16 and I'm bulimic :( Something inside of me tells me that I'm doing wrong things, but I can't stop... i'm so afraid of food, of eating, and when i do eat, I run to bathroom :( I can't tell my parents (they wouldn't understand me, they would just make me nervous)... What to do? help girl!

I know exactly how you feel.... i've been suffering from bullimia for months now :( I know I'm not good example for others that read this, but here's what I did: First of, I told my bestie about it, she hold my hand and told me that we will make through it together. That I went to school psychologist and talked with her. She's not allowed to tell anyone, and she made me a meal plan. I would eat 2-3 bites of any food every hour at first, than 5-6 bites, than more and more, until i finally get to this point where I actually eat normally. I have those moments when i want to purge... sometimes I do it, but most of the times i control myself. I think self control is the most important thing. Be strong girl! xoxo

How to talk with a guy? I never knew what to say. In what are they interested?

Well, it depends... Most of the guys like talking about sport, girls or betting. Some of them are interested in comics, video games, computer, cars, etc. If there's special person you want to talk with, first find out what he likes :) Than search about it, and start conversation :) it's not that hard, just have self confidence when you talk with boys :) they don't like insecure girls :) xoxo

I know that I'm not pretty outside... but i'd like to look as prettiest as i can. Any tips?

I don't think it's okay that you say that about yourself ;) i bet you ARE pretty :)
But to answer to your question: Make up is there to enhance your features not to hide them ;) Also, find out if curly or straight hair looks better on you, or is it ponytail or fishtail that looks the best? Always dress pretty! I always say that clothes is the most important :) just let it be clean and well combined ;) Nothing else :) Oh, and: SMILE! all the time ;) xoxo

Hi, it's Ann here (: How's you healthy life going? Did you get into perfect shape? How do you feel now? Are you planning to post some recipes? :)

Hey :) Well... my healthy life stopped being healthy life few months ago... I've become bulimic, but I'm trying to control myself not to purge :) It's been great for past few weeks :)
As matter of weight, I've gained... A lot of bad things happened to me since July... But yesterday i decided that it's time to get myself to perfection! And I won't quit! :) Now I'm getting back on track ;) xoxo

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fashion Fall Trends 2011 - from

*Everything (trends and pictures) are from, but I'll give you my opinion too :) Enjoy!

First of all, burnt color will be very popular this Fall.
For both, female and male, but I prefer orange more than this color. I don't like dirty Fall-ish colors.
ex: if you have t-shirt this color, you can wear it with black jeans, black heels, and black leather jacket, it would look perfect on anyone! I would wear this too, even tho i don't like this color. So everything is in how you style it, be smart! ;)

Themes for this fall are:

- 70's Fashion 
*which I don't like at all, but some people look really good with 70's outfit, make up and hair*
Next one is:

- Oriental Fashion
*This is perfect combination, as wrote: '...incorporating simple flowing silks and fluttering kimonos, styled with the right degree of subtlety, rounded out by fresh orchids as hair accessories and a beauty look that’s softly exotic yet very much played down.'

Plunging neckline

Plunging neckline is deep cut V that ends somewhere between the breastbone and the naval. This type of clothes are glamorous. Yet, it doesn't look good on everyone. I think that only skinny women can pull this outfit on. I tried to wear shirt with plunging neckline, and it doesn't look good on me either. So don't worry, there are more trends that may look great (even amazing) on you! Don't be afraid to try :)
Here are some pictures for the same site:


Pleats were also trend for Spring 2011, but neither than nor now, I don't like them. 'Cause longer dresses are popular, and I think that this trend is better on shorter dresses, like this one:


Here it goes again: FUR!
One of my favorite trends so far. It's warm and good looking, what else do we need?
Check out some pictures:

Women's tuxedo

Okay, I don't like this trend either. Why? Because I think that men should wear tuxedos, not women. Women should be elegant (in dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, etc...) But maybe you like it? What's your opinion?

Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms are BACK IN ACTION :) I like this trend, 'cause I like how outfit like this looks on me, but I think that it doesn't look good on most of the people in this world. Try it, and tell me do you like it or not? :)

Wide leg pants

My opinion: Pretty pretty pretty! Maybe you don't like it or hate it, but you have to admit that it looks good ;)

Sheer maxi dress

There are some pretty outfits that I like, but I'm not crazy about this trend. To be honest: It doesn't look good. There is something about these long sheer dresses than doesn't look elegant on woman.
What do you think:

How do you like these trends for Fall 2011? They aren't anything special, right? Agree with me? or you really like it? :) Feel free to request posts, and leave comment ;) 
P.S. Sorry I've been MIA, I didn't have that much time to blog. I'm back now, but I will post once-twice a week only :) Love you all <3 Thanks for visiting me, and thank you for 11000+ views! Don't forget to follow :) 


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Savet za citateljku Jacu :)

Draga Jelena, divan blog...slazem se sa svim napisanim.
Ja i sama muku mucim - 33 su mi godine, posao, porodica a i slatko volim sve me to dovelo do ruznih 70 kg na visinu 165 :(
Pokusavam sa Low carb ali uvijek tokom dana pojedem i voce neko ili light puding...kile ne idu na dolje...u cemu grijesim...Krecem se - ruku na srce ne vjezbam...par pokusaja al ljenost preovladava....
Pratim te pisi samo, pozz Jaca

Draga Jaco, izvini što ti pre nisam odgovorila, ali evo sada imam vremena.

Ja Low carb ishranu ne podržavam, pre svega zato što organizmu su potrebni ugljeni hidrati. Naravno, Low carb može biti smernica tvojoj ishrani, to je sasvim u redu. Na primer: ugljene hidrate jedi za dorucak, za ručak pomešaj sa proteinima, a za večeru samo proteine. Razlog ovome je to što ugljene hidrate ćeš u toku dana potrošiti, bilo da sediš i radiš ili se krećeš i vežbaš. Ako za večeru imaš ugljene hidrate, tvoj organizam neće moći da ih u potpunosti sagori, što znači da će se pretvoriti u mast, a to ne želiš. Zato ti pre preporučujem ovakvu ishranu pre nego Low carb. A da, i voće nemoj jesti posle 16-17h.
Nemoj sebi da uskraćuješ ono što voliš, jer ćeš se osećati loše, pa ćeš odustati, a to nije tvoja želja, zar ne? Dopusti sebi ponekad da uživaš u normalnoj količini čokolade, torte, pudinga, sladoleda, znači pojedi šta želiš, ali nemoj preterivati. Telo će ti biti zahvalno na ovakvim obrocima, sve dok nisu prečesti.
Što se tiče vežbanja, sada su lepe letnje noći, izađi svako veče, prošetaj sa prijateljima ili sama, ako nađeš vremena brzi hod je savršena stvar za mršavljenje.
Izbegavaj alkohol i gazirana pića, večera neka ti bude tri sata pred spavanje, nemoj nikako da gladuješ pa da ti  poslednji obrok bude npr. u 18h a da legneš u krevet u 00:00, to nikako ne valja. Pij dosta tečnosti, pogotovo sada jer je toplo. Još jedan savet: zapisuj sve što pojedeš, ali baš sve! Tako ćeš imati uvid u čemu grešiš, ako ponekad pojedeš nešto neplanirano. A i dokazano je da oni koji vode dnevnik ishrane više obraćaju pažnju na to što pojedu.
Ako kuvaš, trudi se da koristiš što manje masti/ulja, probaj da praviš što zdraviju hranu. Veruj mi, zdrava hrana može biti ukusna, samo isprobavaj i naćićeš ono što odgovara i tebi i porodici. Ako ti zatrebaju recepti, obrati se meni, imam ih podosta, i da su Low carb a i da nisu :
Još jedan savet: Prvu stvar ujutro što uradi je da izmeriš obime i zapišeš ih, kao i da se slikaš. To čuvaj u kompjuteru ili u svesci, kako god ti je draže. Za mesec dana ponovo isto uradi i uporedi rezultate. Na vagu nemoj obraćati toliku pažnju, ona nekad voli da se igra sa nama i našim živcima :D 
Najbolji osećaj će biti kada staneš u neke pantalone koje nisi mogla pre obući, i neka ti to bude motivacija. Takođe te i đoping može motivisati, kao i neke rečenice, slike... nađi ono što te inspiriše i nadam se da ćeš doći do svog cilja! (Jedna moja drugarica je kupila haljinu koja je barem nekoliko broja manja od veličine koju nosi, zakačila ju je na zid da je svaki dan može gledati, i za dva meseca ostvarila cilj. Evo sada ponosno nosi tu haljinu. Tako da, sve se može kad se hoće, samo treba biti uporan!)
Nadam se da nisam nešto izostavila što je bitno, ako imaš neko pitanje rado ću ti odgovoriti.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amazing Oatmeal Cleanser


I've tried this yesterday, and I can't explain how great is it! You definitely should try it!
I'm grateful to Bubz that she made video on this :)

enjoy! xoxo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vintage clothing - Dresses

What do you thing about vintage clothes? Do you like it? Would you wear it? Do you think it looks good?
And know, some real pictures of vintage clothing:

Wedding dresses:

Friday, June 17, 2011

How to clean make up brushes? It's easy!!

What will you need?
- of course: brushes that need to be cleaned
- extra virgin olive oil
- moisturizing shampoo (i like to use baby shampoo too)
- paper towels
Why am I using oil to clean dirty brushes?
Because, when we apply make up, brushes become oily. Our skin produces oil, so we need oil to clean oil. Many people use extra virgin olive oil as make up remover, so there you go! The cheapest make up remover you'll find :)
(i said 'oil' like 10 times, lol :D )
How to clean brushes?
Take paper towel, add little bit of olive oil, and then scrub brush around into it. I don't know how to explain it better :D
Do that for a while, until make up comes off from brush.
Now wash your brushes with water. Then apply little bit of shampoo on your hand, and to the same thing you did with olive oil. Wash your brushes again, and leave them somewhere to dry.
Where I found this?
I've been doing this for months now, and I found this 'tip' on youtube. Kandee made video about it, and there you can see how to do it if you did understand me :) I hope I helped, talk to you soon :) xoxo

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is almost here!


cocktail drinks....
sun tanning....
ice cream....
pool party....

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