Sunday, May 1, 2011

Q&A - My motivation

Few girls asked me: 'What/Who motivates you to keep living healthy?'
So instead of answering to every one of them, I decided to write new blog post! :)
First thing that motivates me is old picture of mine in my diary. Well, it's not THAT old, but it has been taken November 2010. Back in those days, I had 20 pounds more than now, I was weak and I hated feeling when I couldn't wear something cute and tight. I remember how I was ashamed of my body. Then, I decided to change that. I started eating less, in all my meals were proteins and veggies, and as a snack I ate fruit. I saw that this really helped my body, I started losing weight and I was stronger. My skin looked healthier, too.
Exercising makes me happy, that's the main reason why I didn't stop going to gym, or running, or exercising at home.
Now I feel perfect! I have to lose 10 more pounds of fat, but it's okay :) One step at a time, one or two pounds per week, and I'll be happy :)
Second thing that keeps me motivated are four girls:

Karena&Katrina from *they also have youtube channel
Tara Stiles from youtube
and Zuzana from *she also has youtube channel

They are absolutely AMAZING! 

Karena and Katrina

Girls, thank you SO much for changing my life! When I saw your videos for the first time I thought: 'I can look just like them, if I just start moving.' Both of you look amazing, your videos are fun, workouts are amazing (especially Bikini Series), recipes are DELICIOUS! I hope you'll continue blog posting and making videos. You are truly inspiration for all of us who are following you.
Even I can't buy your diet plan, I feel like I'm part of Tone It Up team :) xoxo

Tara Stiles
When I feel sick or just when I'm not in mood for fitness, i just check out here youtube channel and one of hers yoga videos. It's calming and it makes me feel amazing :) I started following Tara last month (actually 15th March) and when I first saw her I was amazed! She's really cool person, and I hope she won't stop making videos :) xoxo

Zuzana.... what can I say about her, except that she has BRUTAL workouts?! You wouldn't believe how she's strong and inspiring... I couldn't do neither ONE push up, but because of her, now I can do 20 and more! On there is place where other bodyrockers post their stories and pictures, showing us their transformation, and it's really amazing how that motivates you to keep bodyrocking! 
Zuzana and Freddy (that's her husband), thank you so much for everything you've done for me :) xoxo

And, there is one more person I met on twitter yesterday... She has her own blog and it's really inspiring. it's like her Exercise&health journal. She lost 108 lbs of fat! it's amazing right?
Check out and support her blog :) CLICK HERE and HERE

Last thing that motivates me are my goals. I set one goal each week and try to reach it. For example: last week my goal was to get up 30 minutes earlier and do my #BootyCall (that's challenge from ToneItUp), and I did it! This week my goal is not to eat sweets at all, few more hours and I'll reach this goal too. I don't know yet what will be new challenge/goal, any suggestions? :)

Thank you so much for reading this LONG post :)
If you have ANY requests, let me know, and I'll try to help you and write about it :)

Also, there's one more thing.... I was thinking to start new blog (that would be my third blog). But this time, blog will be all about my weight loss journey, health, working out, diet recipes, and more.... If you are interested in reading that, let me know :)


  1. Zuzana, the beast, the one that got me moving in the first place ! And K&K are amazing too :)

  2. uh, moram da pocnem da vezbam :)

  3. Joj krajnje je vreme da krenem da vezbam:)


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