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Fashion Fall Trends 2011 - from

*Everything (trends and pictures) are from, but I'll give you my opinion too :) Enjoy!

First of all, burnt color will be very popular this Fall.
For both, female and male, but I prefer orange more than this color. I don't like dirty Fall-ish colors.
ex: if you have t-shirt this color, you can wear it with black jeans, black heels, and black leather jacket, it would look perfect on anyone! I would wear this too, even tho i don't like this color. So everything is in how you style it, be smart! ;)

Themes for this fall are:

- 70's Fashion 
*which I don't like at all, but some people look really good with 70's outfit, make up and hair*
Next one is:

- Oriental Fashion
*This is perfect combination, as wrote: '...incorporating simple flowing silks and fluttering kimonos, styled with the right degree of subtlety, rounded out by fresh orchids as hair accessories and a beauty look that’s softly exotic yet very much played down.'

Plunging neckline

Plunging neckline is deep cut V that ends somewhere between the breastbone and the naval. This type of clothes are glamorous. Yet, it doesn't look good on everyone. I think that only skinny women can pull this outfit on. I tried to wear shirt with plunging neckline, and it doesn't look good on me either. So don't worry, there are more trends that may look great (even amazing) on you! Don't be afraid to try :)
Here are some pictures for the same site:


Pleats were also trend for Spring 2011, but neither than nor now, I don't like them. 'Cause longer dresses are popular, and I think that this trend is better on shorter dresses, like this one:


Here it goes again: FUR!
One of my favorite trends so far. It's warm and good looking, what else do we need?
Check out some pictures:

Women's tuxedo

Okay, I don't like this trend either. Why? Because I think that men should wear tuxedos, not women. Women should be elegant (in dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, etc...) But maybe you like it? What's your opinion?

Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms are BACK IN ACTION :) I like this trend, 'cause I like how outfit like this looks on me, but I think that it doesn't look good on most of the people in this world. Try it, and tell me do you like it or not? :)

Wide leg pants

My opinion: Pretty pretty pretty! Maybe you don't like it or hate it, but you have to admit that it looks good ;)

Sheer maxi dress

There are some pretty outfits that I like, but I'm not crazy about this trend. To be honest: It doesn't look good. There is something about these long sheer dresses than doesn't look elegant on woman.
What do you think:

How do you like these trends for Fall 2011? They aren't anything special, right? Agree with me? or you really like it? :) Feel free to request posts, and leave comment ;) 
P.S. Sorry I've been MIA, I didn't have that much time to blog. I'm back now, but I will post once-twice a week only :) Love you all <3 Thanks for visiting me, and thank you for 11000+ views! Don't forget to follow :) 

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