Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Olive oil - BENEFITS

Well, I guess all of you heard that olive oil is super healthy. But what are its benefits? 
Keep reading :)

1. Lowers your risk of heart disease 
2. Controls blood sugar and insulin levels 
3. It's a great skin moisturizer (your skin feels and looks healthier)
4. Same with hair. Olive oil prevents damaging and tangling. It also tame your hair and prevent hair loss
5. Helps soothe scratchy or ticklish throat 
6. It's a natural remedy for earaches
7. It tastes really good! You can add it to almost any food you prepare
8. Helps prevent cancer
9. Builds strong fingernails and softens cuticles 
10. Lessens the severity of asthma and arthritis 
11. Promotes healthy digestion
12. You can use it as lip balm too

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